NHS Innovation Challenge Open to Entries

NHS England, in partnership with Janssen Healthcare Innovation, has launched a new £150,000 prize fund.

The NHS Innovation Challenge Prize for Dementia is looking to identify innovative ways of integrating dementia care by redesigning services around the needs of patients, improving diagnosis and reducing both the number of hospital attendances and the amount of time patients spend in hospital.

All challenge submissions will need to:

Show evidence of support from, or engagement with, their new local Health and Wellbeing board.
Show compelling evidence of the positive impact the integrated service has had on the lives of people with dementia and their carers.
Demonstrate excellence in innovative, integrated working practices which are inspirational and can be easily diffused across the country.
Other assessment criteria include:

Individual outcomes – improvement in clinical outcome and quality of life and patient/service user/carer experience.
Value for money – sustainable cost improvement in the delivery of care and added value to the NHS and social care.
Impact – have high and sustainable impact on the NHS and social care e.g. affecting a large number of patients and/or substantial health and care benefit.
Dissemination – easily transferable across the country and to other NHS and Social Care systems.
Timescales – achievable within a reasonable timescale.
Measurability – clear metrics and established information flows to measure gain across the whole system.
Innovative – an idea, service or product that is new to the NHS or social care, or applied in a new way.
Any teams working in England involved in the care pathway of people with dementia are eligible to apply. Organisations can be from the NHS, social care, local authorities, the third or private sectors.

There is no fixed number of winners for this challenge though it is anticipated that there will be no more than three who will share the prize fund of £150,000 between them. If none of the applications received meet the criteria and demonstrate a clear and marked improvement in the care of people with dementia, then the panel may not award the prize at all.

The deadline for applications is Wednesday, 4 September 2013.

For more information, visit the NHS Challenges website (opens new window).

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