LegislationMatters.co.uk launches

LegislationMatters.co.uk is a new online learning resource offering compliance training solutions for UK SMEs working across all sectors and industries.

Are you an SME owner?

Do you process personal data or handle money?

If the answer is yes, you should be aware of the Data Protection Act and Anti-Money Laundering regulations. But are you? And are you sure that your business complies with these pieces of legislation?

Non-compliance can after all leave a business facing severe financial and reputational consequences, if not criminal persecution. Businesses can take practical steps to protect themselves, and reduce compliance risks.

To learn more about the Anti-Money Laundering regulations and Data Protection Act and whether your business is compliant, obtain a free copy of our straightforward 7-step guides to compliance.

To download a copy, and learn more about the processes you can put in place to protect your business, visit www.legislationmatters.co.uk today!

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