BIFFA Flagship Scheme Opens for 2013

BIFFA is inviting organisations that are registered, or are able to register, with ENTRUST to apply to its annual Flagship Scheme.

The scheme offers grants of between £150,000 and £500,000 to projects of regional significance that focus either on the theme of Rebuilding Biodiversity or Cultural Facilities.

Projects must be site-based, within 25 miles of a Biffa operation within the UK and 10 miles of a licenced landfill.

Biffa Award Programme Manager Gillian French said:

“The Biffa Award Flagship Scheme presents a unique opportunity for regionally significant projects to really boost their capacity and reach. We’re looking for inspired projects which aim to have a real and lasting impact on the wider communities they serve. They must be either culturally pioneering or aiming to make significant progress for biodiversity. Given the outstanding initiatives of previous years, we are excited to see what this year’s competition will bring.”

Previous winners include the Friends of Westonbirt Arboretum in Gloucestershire which received nearly £500,000 over two years to enhance the cultural heritage of the arboretum with a new interpretation zone and information plaza. The arboretum houses a living exhibition of 16,000 trees and plants.

Pori Natur a Threftadaeth (PONT) received £457,889 to restore and reconnect 1063 hectares of priority habitats with particular emphasis on benefits for the Marsh Fritillary, High Brown Fritillary and Shrill Carder Bee. The project is a landscape level habitat and species restoration project which includes locally, nationally and internationally important BAP habitats and species. The project is contributing to creating a regionally connected landscape that is resilient to climate change.

Some £500,000 was awarded over a three year period to the Devon Wildlife Trust’s ‘Working Wetlands’ project. The funding helped the Trust to continue work begun in 2008 to restore and recreate culm grassland habitats that occupied the area before the agricultural developments and neglect of the 20th century caused 95% to disappear.

Organisations that are interested in applying need to fill out an Expression of Interest form. Those who are successful at this stage will be shortlisted at two other stages during the year, which will include a presentation and then final application, before the winners are unveiled at the annual Biffa Awards ceremony in 2014.

The deadline for Expression of Interest forms is 20 August 2013 (12 noon).

Full details can be found on the BIFFA website (opens new window).

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