Guardian Christmas Appeal 2012 to Benefit Disability Charities

This year the Guardian and Observer have selected eight charities working with people who are experiencing disability or long-term illness to be their featured charities for this year’s Christmas appeal.

The eight winners are charities that work to help people with a disability or long-term illness participate, express themselves and fulfill their potential, in education, the arts, the workplace, sport and wider society.

Guardian Editor Alan Rusbridger writes:

“This year we are supporting eight charities which epitomise that Paralympic spirit.

“Disability rights – human rights – are at the heart of what our charities do. They aim to help their beneficiaries overcome practical, institutional and cultural barriers to participation, and surmount often deep-rooted discrimination and prejudice. In their different, often inspired ways, they strive for equality: making choice, independence, access and freedom a reality for people with a disability or long term illness.”

The winners are:

  • Ace Centre – helps individuals with little or no speech to communicate.
  • Ambitious about Autism – provides specialist services, raises awareness and campaigns for the rights of children and young people with autism to thrive and achieve.
  • Basic Needs – works in 12 countries to transform the lives of mentally ill people to address community mental health, poverty and stigma.
  • Disability Law Service – run by and for disabled people. It provides high quality information and advice to disabled and deaf people. Disabled people and their families, carers and advocates can contact the helpline for advice.
  • Greenbank Sports Academy – improves the lives of disabled and disadvantaged people of all ages through education, sport and employment.
  • Oily Cart – creates theatre for the very young and young people with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities or an Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  • Queen Elizabeth’s Foundation for Disabled People – supports 4,000 disabled children and adults every year, gaining new life skills, finding employment, and providing mobility aids.
  • Sense International – supports deafblind people in some of the poorest parts of the world. It works in partnership to provide services and raise awareness of the needs of deafblind people and their families so they can connect, participate and contribute to their communities.

The Guardian and Observer hope that their readers will give as generously in 2012 as they did last year when more than £400,000 was raised to support the 2011 charities. The Guardian will publish a series of articles in December that show how the winning charities make a real difference to the lives of the thousands of people with a disability.

Full details can be found viewed here (opens in new window).

Source: Guardian, 05/12/2012

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