Launch of New Specialised Housing Fund

The Department of Health has launched funding of £160 million to support the development of specialist housing for older people and adults with disabilities outside of London.

Administered by the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA), the Care and Support Specialised Housing Fund will help support and accelerate the development of the specialised housing market by:

  • Improving the appeal of specialised housing options available to individuals by increasing the variety, quality and number of housing units available, particularly for sale or shared ownership.
  • Supporting the supply of well-designed, affordable schemes including a specialist element.
  • Supporting new and innovative types of supported housing schemes that are designed to help deliver appropriate levels of care for local communities.
  • Supporting supply of specialist housing across the wider market.
  • Private market housing.
  • Improving joined-up working at a local level between local authorities, housing developers (private and affordable), health professionals, social services and local planners. This will result in a legacy of good practice and local analysis and assessment of need that can inform and sustain the development of specialised housing.

The Fund will be split into two phases:

  • Phase One – focussing on affordable housing.
  • Phase Two – focussing on the private market.

Over five years from 2013/14, £160 million capital funding will be made available. This funding may be supplemented by a further up to £80 million capital funding available in the first two years of the programme.

Funding is available to all organisations who are, or intend to become, qualified as HCA Investment Partners. This includes:

  • Housing associations.
  • Local authorities.
  • Private sector developers.
  • Community groups.

Organisations that are not already qualified as Investment Partners with the HCA will need to submit an application for qualification.

The deadline for applications to phase one of the fund must be submitted by 18 January 2013 (noon). Expressions of interest for phase two must be submitted by 14 March 2013 (5pm).

For more information, visit the HCA website (opens new window).

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