Grants from the Dept for Education

The National Prospectus Grants Programme 2013-15 from the Department for Education is open to applications.
The aims of the fund are to improve outcomes for children, young people and families with a particular emphasis on early intervention and supporting the most disadvantaged.
This fund is not for small scale local service delivery, they are expecting organisations to apply for £100,000 – £750,000 in each year and the purpose is to come up with innovative approaches that have national significance.
There will be £60 million available over two years and not-for-profit organisations can apply.
The objectives of the fund are to:
• Promote excellence in early education and childcare, so enabling all children to achieve success in their early years and later education
• Develop and reform services that support children with special educational needs, disabilities and other health needs
• Develop and reform safeguarding services that protect and support children at risk of harm
• Develop and reform the care system and speed up the process of adoption; and
• focus and develop local services to improve outcomes for vulnerable and disadvantaged young people.
Go to the website for further information and an online application form.
There will be a briefing event on 6 November in London where organisations can find out more. If you want to go you need to register by 31 October by emailing them.
Deadline: 30 November
Contact: Department for Education

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