Funding for IT Projects Supporting Disadvantaged Groups

Funding is available to organisations with innovative IT related project ideas that can make a positive difference to disadvantaged and vulnerable groups.The funding, which is available through the Nominet Trust, aims to fund innovative Internet projects that make a positive difference to the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people. The Trust is particularly interested in funding projects that can be scaled up and replicated.

There is no minimum grant application and applications for over £100,000 require an interview. Organisations wishing to apply, need initially to complete and online application form. Those organisations deemed successful will be invited to complete the Stage 2 application form.

Previously projects supported through the Trust include  Learning for the 4th Age, which received funding to increase the use of IT in care homes to benefit elderly residents and young volunteers alike.

The next closing date for submitting initial Advisory Eligibility Forms is the 12th December 2012. Stage 2 applications to be submitted by the 31st January 2013.

For further information: Click Here

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