Church Urban Fund: Up to £5,000 for projects tackling poverty, homelessness, substance abuse.

The Church Urban Fund provides Mustard Seed grants of up to £5,000 to help churches and faith-based organisations carry out community projects. The funding can be used to initiate new work or improve existing projects. There is an expectation that projects will develop or grow as a result of the funding.

Projects should be tackling poverty and be based in the 10% of most deprived areas in England. Some projects working outside these areas may be funded if they are working with a disadvantaged group including homeless people, people with drug and alcohol problems, refugees and asylum seekers or people working in the sex industry.

Mustard Seed Grants will fund specific activities but cannot be used for on-going revenue expenditure, existing salary costs, deficit funding or retrospective spending. Capital projects are low priority unless they are directly related to the start up of a new project.

Projects do not have to be Anglican but there should be a link between the project and a faith group.

If you meet the criteria you should contact your local link officer to discuss your project.

Regional contacts | Church Urban Fund.

About communityimpactbucks

My aim is to help Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise groups in Buckinghamshire to achieve their aims as effectively as possible. Most of the support I offer is free.
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