WREN landfill tax funding – Recent changes to project eligibility

Previously, applicants to the Main Grant Scheme were allowed to apply for a maximum of 85% of the total project costs, the remaining 15% requiring a third party contribution, usually from local authority sources.

Due to local government spending restrictions WREN has removed the 85% maximum contribution limit. Like the Small Grant Scheme, applicants can now apply for up to 100%.  The panels will decide whether they are happy to award 100% funding and will judge whether there is sufficient match funding being sought/obtained on a project by project basis.

The maximum total project cost has also been increased from £250,000 to £500,000 to allow larger more strategic projects to be considered.

The maximum grant levels for the Small Grant Scheme and Main Grant Scheme remain unchanged at £15,000 and £50,000 respectively, but will be reviewed later in the year after the full impact of local authority budget cuts and the impact on their ability to provide match funding and Third Party Contributions to support community projects has been assessed.

Please note that WREN only funds projects to the north of the County, check the geographical eligibility of your project before reading further details.

Click here to check whether you qualify.

WREN homepage.

About communityimpactbucks

My aim is to help Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise groups in Buckinghamshire to achieve their aims as effectively as possible. Most of the support I offer is free.
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